The FLORIDA IS PARADISE integrated team of real estate, accounting and legal professionals provides support during your search for a property through ownership, including:​

  • Interpreters with deep expertise in the language, the subject matter of real estate and the art of paraphrasing.

  • Considerations for immigration and visas


  • Tax and legal options on how to "own" property in the U.S.


  • Property Taxes and FIRPTA Considerations 
    (The U.S. Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980)

  • How to pay for a property, and why you need title insurance - even if you pay cash / 100% of the sales price.


  • What it means to sign a "binding" contract when you sign a sales contract.

  • What are Homeowners Association (HOA) Dues, Fees, and Special Assessments?


  • What happens at "closing," when the property transfers into your name.


  • How we file your tax and accounting reports in the U.S. and send copies to your international home for your accountant.


  • If you find a property FOR SALE online which does NOT have a virtual tour in the listing - or, if you would rather have us perform your search:

  • We schedule live video calls with you while we walk through and show you the property of interest.

  • We email the video tour and a drone tour of the property and surrounding area.


  • How our Property Valuation and Market Conditions add value to your decisions.

  • Why you need to know about Planning, Zoning and Health Codes.


  • How Environmental Regulations effect your decision.


  • Lending institutions and how to obtain a loan from a U.S. or foreign bank.


  • Why you need a Homeowner's Inspection.


  • How we negotiate your offer with the seller's agent.

  • How to leverage currency and exchange.

  • How our extraordinary HOME HUGS provides:

    • Relocation Services

    • Renovation and Remodeling

    • Home Cleaning Services

    • Physical Security, fire and smoke alarms and monitoring of the property inside and outside with an app and 24x7 call center monitoring.

    • Property Management, Rent Management, Collections

    • Finding Safe and Qualified Renters

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