4 ways to gain an advantage

over the Florida property seller

1 - Buyers are at a DISADVANTAGE without a Buyer's Agent

  • When a seller wants to sell a property in Florida, they negotiate a commission rate and sign a contract with a Florida real estate agency – agreeing to pay a commission fee when the property is sold.   A property is considered "sold" at the final step in a real estate transaction, known as the closing, or settlement.

  • Once a buyer finds a property of interest on the Internet and calls the agent/agency listed for the property, the buyer is actually calling the seller's agent - ONLY interested in negotiating the highest price for the seller.

  • Seller's agents love to deal directly with a buyer, as buyers do not have the knowledge or gambits to negotiate the lowest price possible.

  • If the seller's agent can sell the property directly to the buyer, the seller's agent does not have to share the 100% commission fee with a buyer's agent.  Therefore, it is unlikely that a seller's agent would inform a buyer that they represent the seller. ​

  • When a buyer unknowingly deals with a seller’s agent, buyers incorrectly assume that they are being represented by the person they initially contacted (the seller's agent) - and are unaware that they end up paying a premium for their property. ​​

  • Buyers have an ADVANTAGE:

    • When they engage a buyer's agent upfront to exploit their search for a property, and represent them to interact with the seller's agent. 

    • A buyer's agent costs the buyer nothing - since a buyer's agent earns their income from commission fees paid by the seller at closing.

    • When their buyer’s agent only represents the buyer's interests and serves as intermediary with the seller's agent to negotiate the lowest price for the buyer.​

2 - Buyers are at a DISADVANTAGE without a REALTOR®

  • All Realtors® and real estate agents are licensed in the State of Florida, and both can serve as a buyer’s agent, however, only Realtors® are:

    • Certified to adhere to a 100-year-old Code of Ethics and Standards by the National Association of Realtors

    • Undergo rigorous, ongoing, supervised training which requires Realtors® to stay aware of real estate laws, trends and popular practices.

    • Only a Realtor® can use the title of Realtor® – real estate agents can ONLY use the title of real estate agent.

  • Only Realtors® have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which is the entire history for a property’s ownership, mortgage information, taxes paid, demographics, structure measurements and modifications, etc. ​

  • Buyers have an ADVANTAGE:

    • When their buyer’s agent is a Realtor® so both parties have their own agent – and there is equal and ethical representation.

    • When their Realtor®/buyer's agent has the unique ability to mine valuable nuggets from the MLS to negotiate an advantageous outcome for the buyer to pay the lowest possible price.

3 - Buyers are at a DISADVANTAGE without REALTOR.com®

  • Public real estate websites make their money by selling the contact information of potential buyers to real estate agents.

  • Once a buyer finds a property of interest and contacts a real estate website for property details, the website then sells the buyer’s contact info to real estate agents that previously subscribed and agreed to pay for the leads.

  • The more agents that a real estate website can sell leads to – the more money the website makes.

  • Real estate agents are happy to buy leads, so they can immediately call the buyer – attempt to become the buyer’s agent – and earn a piece of the pie, the 100% of commission that the seller pays when a property closes.  Unfortunately, innocent buyers receive a lot of calls the same day after giving up their contact info.  Even worse, some websites have false advertising – aged listings of properties already sold – used as bait and switch tactics.  Inaccurate data is also a problem.

  • Realtor.com® is the leading website in the U.S. with 40 million visitors each month – from nearly 800 local and regional Multiple Listing Services (MLS) across the U.S. – in a database of 4 million+ homes FOR SALE – updated every 15 minutes – providing consumers with the freshest listings and highest level of integrity for content available online.

  • Buyers have an ADVANTAGE:

    • When they engage a Realtor® at the beginning of their search to be their buyer's agent.

    • When they or their buyer's agent finds a property that they like and the buyer's agent contacts the seller's agent for property details, questions and negotiations.

    • When buyers only search properties FOR SALE on Realtor.com® – and contact their buyer's agent when they find a property of interest.


  • Global transactions are significantly different and more complex than domestic deals - from currency issues and financing - to visa, legal, accounting and tax laws.

  • The CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY SPECIALIST (CIPS) is the only international designation for Realtors that have completed the coursework and demonstrated considerable experience in global business.

  • A CIPS Realtor is the premier global real estate designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors to a Realtor® with extensive global knowledge and advisory expertise for foreign buyers.

  • International buyers have an ADVANTAGE:

    • When their CIPS assists in understanding the many differences between real estate transactions in their country.

    • When their CIPS helps to avoid surprises that can arise from U.S. laws, accounting, taxes, zoning, health codes and environmental regulations enforced at the federal, state, and local community levels.

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